Modern Day Marriage


What does modern day marriage look like?.

To me it’s my husband working 12 hour over night shifts, coming home for a few hours to most likely sleep and waking up to go to a side job, he’s a carpenter. He comes home and sleeps a little more then it starts all over again. Being in a fully committed relationship and raising children is exhausting. It’s crazy hard work no one ever prepared you for. I mean people say things to help prepare but you never fully grasp what their talking about till your going through it.

When I was working at my last job the women would say things like “we’ve all been there”, “life is about paying dues”, and my favorite “things always get better” …. it’s been four years since I left that job and I’m just understanding what they were saying. They were right. Things do get better. Life is all about the ups and downs and mostly whom you have chosen to go through it all with. Me and my fiancé have had our fair share of struggles throughout the years. Financially, it hasn’t always been easy. Our relationship has tested it’s boundaries numerous times but everytime we have come out stronger. You learn to fight with your spouse in a specific way. You learn how to communicate on their level as to not cause any backlash. They learn your wants and needs and make you the priority. It’s all about the give and take. Ten years into my one and only long term relationship I have learned the keys to making It work. I didn’t figure them out on my own. In fact, if it wasn’t for my Hubs I wouldn’t be who I am today or think the way I do. We have changed eachother for the better but only because we Wanted to change. We have a connection we didn’t want to let go! So we deal with eachothers craziness  and  keep moving forward.

Most modern marriages are like this. One spouse is always at work. The other spouse is always with the kids. The bills are just barely getting paid on time. The house is alway a disaster. Your car sees the shop more then it sees your street. You and your husband never see eachother and when you finally get a moment alone one kid is stuffing toilet paper in the toilet and the other kid is downstairs switching the DVD to Deadpool and popping popcorn. (All true scenarios. .. I know WTF!? Right?)…

As long as you can be confident in your partner, have faith in one another, you can survive anything. The hard stuff eventually becomes familar, never easier, just familiar. You don’t freak out as much because you know how to handle shit now. You know how to communicate better so things get done faster. You both got a job. Realizing what needs to be done and actually doing it, together. Despite all the obstacles at the end of the day your not alone in this world. I am grateful for my Lovebug. I have found whom my soul loves.

This post is dedicated to Mr. Slugger. Your family loves and appreciates all your hardwork. Always working towards our dream.



Author: DisorganizedSage

I am a stay at home mom to two boys, a wifey to my very own handyman, I live for the little things and perfectly small moments that happen everyday. life is short .. be kind.. be humble.

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