DisOrganized Kitchen and some Inspo!


Sooo It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote a post. I was consumed by the Holiday season and then frozen into a coma. Only now are we climbing out of a weeks long tundra. Cold, Snow and Ice. Leftover holiday food on top of ordering out. Not being able to really stock up my kitchen with essentials between storms. My body was screaming for real nourishment….  “take care of me….”

Also I am a woman of many talents and this is where I like to showcase them. SO Here we are……..

Chickpea and Spinach Penne,

Using what I had on hand, and watching a lot of Foodnetwork in the last few weeks, I thought why not make myself a nice healthy meal. Bag of Penne, Can of chickpeas, goat cheese, frozen spinach from the bottom of the freezer, cheap parm cheese and garlic.


Chop the Garlic! I like to make it real small! No big chunks.

Pop open the can of chickpeas, drain and rinse, throw ’em into a skillet with some oil salt and pepper. Let them fry up a little.


Meanwhile Boil some water and throw in the pasta, cook till al dente!



Throw in the garlic and frozen spinach. I covered the skillet to help the spinach defrost faster.

When pasta is done, put it in the skillet. Reserve a cup and a half of pasta water. Sprinkle on Parmesan cheese then mix well. Adding in the pasta water to help create a sauce. Add enough liquid to your liking you may not need all of the water.

Crumble the Goat cheese up on top!!

Serve it UP Homies!!!!

Err Ma Gawd!!! It was so good! also since I was the only one eating it in this house I ended up with four containers sizeable for Lunch!

I have realized with the start of the new year I have a yearning to explore the many different paths that intrigue me. All paths have the same endgame, To feel fulfillment and Joy within everything that I do! I Have become a firm Believer that if you think IT, It will become your Reality! Be it Positive or Negative,  keep thinking positive thoughts and the universe will work with creating the life you have imagined. If you have stopped dreaming and setting goals and are not happy, then you have to reach inside yourself and figure out the reasons why! Only You can guarantee your own happiness!

Much Love!





Author: DisorganizedSage

I am a stay at home mom to two boys, a wifey to my very own handyman, I live for the little things and perfectly small moments that happen everyday. life is short .. be kind.. be humble.

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