Don’t Talk about it……….


I will refrain from reading any back posts I’ve made. I will  refrain from critiquing my work whether it be my writing, art, crafts, exercise, and intuition. I am Me and will not apologize for it. I have chosen a different path at this time of my life and I feel I owe No One an excuse. Everyday I’m reading, studying, gathering as much knowledge as I can get my hands on. I want to be able to understand all the topics I have delve myself into. I’am the subject of this Life and I will stop at nothing to make sure I succeed.  I started this blog for so many wrong reasons. I let my sneaky brain convince me it was the only way to tell people certain things. Once that task was done I abandon this blog and in short abandon myself, My own needs. This post is a proclamation to keep pushing forward. I vow to keep up my research and report back to my damn self. I say to myself here and now “Stop talking about it, BE ABOUT IT” No one needs to know what direction I’m headed because honestly no one really cares. But Why have I wasted so much time concerned about other peoples opinions when I have also spent the same amount of time preaching to “Just do you.” Honest answer, because I am Human. Humans were meant for trail and error. I am going back to the whole I am doing this for me and if by chance I end up inspiring someone else along this path, Awesome! If not, Oh well. I know I’m going to be OK!  Depression and anxiety can be such a bitch to deal with especially when you are completely misunderstood. I am trying to find out who I am over and over again realizing that in the end You only have yourself to take care of You. Your well being relies strictly on your own actions.

With all that being said I will not discuss plans, dreams, or goals because i realize they are forever changing in my mind. Instead I will share some pictures that give insight to what I’ve been up too lately.  All judgmental Fools can keep it moving…. Thanks.


Author: DisorganizedSage

I am a stay at home mom to two boys, a wifey to my very own handyman, I live for the little things and perfectly small moments that happen everyday. life is short .. be kind.. be humble.

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